An interactive installation exploring how everyday objects can begin to reveal a narrative by Cait Sweeney.


The Broken Home Collection – A brief biography 2016

At the Oxford School of Architecture’s graduate show we exhibited a collaborative installation ‘Broken Home ‘, inspired by Cornelia Parker; discarded and unwanted household objects were constructed to form an exploded view of the home and the interior spaces within it.

During the exhibition I became interested in the way objects within the installation were a catalyst for conversation and wondered what a collection provoked by anecdote and memory would look like.

Some of the inspiration for the project also came from looking at Museum Culture; an empirical collection, the processes of which still permeate the air. Objects are categorised and arranged to illustrate the narrative of the collector, whilst the voice of the collected is often silent.

Exploring these ideas the BHC project was launched the following year with a series of installations at various locations; the public were invited to donate an object or memory to the collection.

It is six years since the first objects were boxed and packed up at the end of the graduate show and whilst flat-packed and boxed again, the collection is continuously evolving as objects and memories are donated and themes within the installation are developed and explored.

anyone is welcome to participate by donating an object or memory to the Collection.

Next transformation coming soon.....

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